Price List

I also offer a large range of other services to keep you on your bike. (Minimum labour charge £20) 

If you do not see what you are looking for, PLEASE call or email for a quote.

Bike servicing starting from £60 upwards, depending on the level of service you require. Click HERE for servicing descriptions

Purchased a new bike and need it assembled?
I will remove your new bike from the box and fully build and get the bike ready to ride from £35 depending on style of bike.

Wheel Truing
Front wheel £20.00
Rear wheel £24.00
Puncture repair £28.00 (This will include new standard inner tube)

Fit new Tyre £20
(Tyre not included)

Fit new chain £20
Remove old chain. Adjust new chain to length and fit, check and adjust gear indexing. (cost of chain not included).
(Please note if a new chain is fitted you might need a new freewheel/cassette or gears might slip).

Wheel Hub service £20 a wheel (£35 per pair)
This will include regrease and adjust cup and cone style hubs. Remove and fit new bearings to hubs with sealed bearings (cost of bearings not included).

Gear Cable Replacement £20
Remove old cables from bike, and replace with the new cables, these will be cut and adjusted and the gears will be readjusted and indexed so the are working correctly.(Cost of cable not included). If other parts seem worn, so gears don’t index correctly, you will be informed.

Gear Tuning Service £25
Degrease chain/ cassette/ chainrings. Replace cables if necessary (cost of cable not included). Lubricate chain, and adjust gears.

Brake Tuning Service £25
Check and examine pads/ cables/ callipers for wear, replace as necessary (cost of parts not included). Lubricate pivot points and adjust brakes for optimum performance.

Hydraulic Brake Service £25 per brake (£40 per pair)
Check pads for wear and replace as necessary (pads extra). Bleed system with appropriate fluid (included) and set pads/ callipers for optimum performance. Sticking pistons etc. will involve extra work and possibly parts which we can discuss with you at the time.

Headset replacement £25
Remove existing headset completely and install new (cost of headset not included).

Headset Service £25
Take the forks off your bike, degrease and check bearings for wear. Replace as necessary (cost of bearings not included). Reassemble headset with new grease and adjust to run smoothly.

Fit New forks £30
Cut new forks to length, refit brakes etc.

Bottom Bracket service/ replacement £25
(bottom bracket not included)

Please feel free to contact me to book your bike in for a service or repair and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Click to call or text my mobile: 07836 290431


Click Here to message the Mobile Bike Man

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